Blogging about my experiences and observations as a born-and-raised Baltimorean, with more civic pride than probably is reasonable or healthy.  I’m not myopically rah-rah, but in the presence of the enemy (i.e., sports fans from New York, Pittsburgh, Washington DC. etc., in no particular order) my “Downy Oshun Hon” provincialism comes shining through.

I’ve been a rabid, passionate Orioles fan for as long as I can remember.  Although we did not follow football much growing up, I’ve come to adopt a measure of fair-weather fandom for the Ravens.  Baseball is better in person, but I will watch or listen to all or part of roughly 140 games a season.  Football is better on TV, and I’ll probably catch at least a piece of most of the ravens games on television.  I frequently comment on the MASN baseball blogs as “boss61.”

Technically I don’t live or work in the City but rather in an outer suburb (exurb, to be exact).  This matters little these days, except that my knowledge of local detours and shortcuts extends beyond the Beltways. This brings me to the subject of maps.  I happened to grow up in the heyday of construction of the interstate highway system, our family liked to take road trips, my Dad did all the driving and while still a preschooler I became the family backseat navigator.  The changing landscape of new highways made for endless challenge for my memorization skills.  To this day my mother jokes that Rand McNally taught me how to read.

Topics covered here really are limited only by my imagination, widely varying interests and time. From time to time I may blog about local sports (mainly the O’s but I hear we again have a professional football team), fatherhood and my kids (to readers, “Thing One and Thing Two”), our firm’s environmental and hydrogeologic consulting work, life’s experiences, my long-time personal battle of the bulge (weight loss), more general musings about business ownership & leadership, etc.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our firm has a web site and blog.  It is said there are no secrets on the internet, so why try?

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